Letter: Our democracy is under siege



There are several actions that must be taken to get us back on track.

Get lobbying under control. Congress should abide by the same laws as other government employees. When I was a foreign service officer with the State Department we were not allowed to even accept a pencil from a potential contractor or be treated to lunch.

Why shouldn’t all government officials follow that rule?

We must do whatever has to be done to prohibit undue influence from big money organizations and individuals.

Outlaw filibustering. There is no place in a democracy for a practice that simply blocks voting.

Abolish the Electoral College and go by majority rule.

Abolish the practices that allow gerrymandering. Reform the rules and procedures for redistricting after a census. The committees should be comprised of equal representation from both major political parties, not just the party currently in power.

Legally limit the time allowed for campaigning to no more than two months before each election.

Patsy P. Layne