Letter: Time to dissolve teacher unions



Battle Ground taxpayers are still woozy from watching their real estate taxes climb to a new record as a result of the recent unwholesome school levy. Yet, what we find is half-days and waiver days instead of full days of school as the year ends … how can this be?

The more a hapless taxpayer is forced to give up, the worse public education becomes and soon it may not be worthwhile to have schools. The explanation is that teachers have union contracts, and when they don’t receive what the union perceives to be their full salaries and benefits the world stops and school goes on furlough.

Our K-12 students fall far behind other modern countries.

The problem continues with teacher unions and the Democratic Party in an unholy alliance perpetuating this system of broken education that costs so much that it is now taking away basic money for food, housing, medical and dental costs from the average family.

Union dues from the teachers are funneled to Democratic politicians to continue to bludgeon the taxpayer for more and more money.

It will only get worse in the years ahead.

The time has come to end unions in public education. Pay salaries and benefits taxpayers can afford. Make public schools competitive with other modern countries.

Frank Krbec

Battle Ground