Letter: $4.8 million is a lot to lose



The Board of County Commissioners by a vote of 2-1 “kills fees in quest for jobs.” So any company or corporation building or expanding in the county will not be responsible for the necessary county services that will be needed as a result of their actions. According to the June 12 story, “the county estimates the general fund burden will increase by $4.8 million over the coming year and a half.”

Sounds like a big giveaway to companies and corporations under the assumption that they will hire more workers who will buy more in the county and increase the county income from sales taxes and other consumer spending. Not to worry, the commissioners will be monitoring this.

Where is the “$4.8 million” going to come from to support the building of infrastructure for those businesses and companies? Yep, you guessed it, from us taxpayers. Even though I live in the city of Vancouver, 19 percent of my “Non Voted Levy and Taxes” go to the county. I don’t mind paying as I use county roads, county parks and other county-financed services. The “$4.8 million” will come from the reduction of county personnel and services. So in effect you and I will be paying for the perks given to businesses and corporations.

Not to worry, the commissioners will be monitoring this.

Hugh Shuford