Police arrest the husband of slain Bothell woman



BOTHELL — The estranged husband of a woman who was killed in February at her Bothell home was arrested Thursday after he refused to give police his passport, Sgt. Cedric Collins said.

Officers went to the home with a search warrant but were initially turned away by Allan Smith.

Officers returned a short time later and found Smith at another location about a mile away and arrested him for obstruction, Collins said.

It’s a misdemeanor offense and Smith will be required to appear in court.

The passport was wanted as part of the investigation into the Feb. 12 homicide of 37-year-old Susann Smith, who died of head injuries. She worked for a mobile game developer in Seattle.

The Smiths were divorcing. They have two children. They are not living at the home, Collins said.

Police have been called to the home a couple of times in the past month after complaints from neighbors, most recently on Monday.

Officers found Smith and his girlfriend having sex in the yard, Collins said.

Police talked to them but did not have cause for an arrest.