Letter: Starbucks makes the right move



I was pleased to read The Columbian’s May 31 online story that “Starbucks to ban smoking within 25 feet of cafes.” This will apply to about 7,000 stores, including those in Washington of course. In theory Starbucks shouldn’t have to be concerned with Washington, because RCW 70.160.075 prohibits smoking within 25 feet of the entrances, exits, ventilation intakes and windows that open to public places or places of employment. (Oregon’s smoking ban is within 10 feet.)

But haven’t we all noticed that the Washington law often isn’t enforced? You constantly see smokers here within just a few feet of entrances to buildings, including patios. Kudos to Starbucks. Now we nonsmoking customers can enjoy the patios free of smoking customers and smoking employees who are on breaks. Hopefully, some other businesses will follow suit.

Carl H. Tuttle