Letter: Stand your ground, Ann Rivers



Can you believe Sen. Don Benton, R-Vancouver, filed a complaint against Sen. Ann Rivers, R-La Center? Wow, it is difficult to think that County Commissioner David Madore’s favorite son can’t get along with another senator. I am sorry that Rivers shouted at Benton and hurt his sensitive feelings, but I am sure he deserved all that was coming to him and more. It would be really great if Benton would just pack his bags and also help Madore and Commissioner Tom Mielke pack theirs and catch the next plane out of town. We as citizens of Clark County have had enough of these three clowns.

Stand your ground, Ann. I agree with her position about not letting anyone bully, intimidate or threaten her. Come on, Clark County citizens, let’s keep the pressure on the three clowns and continue to push for reform and a recall movement.

George R. Francisco