Letter: Pike wrong to attack teachers



After reading state Rep. Liz Pike’s commentary on teachers and the teaching profession, I felt compelled to respond to such an outrageous and insensitive diatribe against teachers. A June 25 Columbian story reported, “Pike to teachers: Find a new profession.”

I have been fortunate enough through the years to have had some wonderful, dedicated, passionate teachers and to have personal friends who are teachers. I now have a daughter who is completing college to become a teacher. She also has a passion for it, which her future students will recognize and benefit from.

Pike’s overall tone in her Facebook blog was condescending, hurtful, and filled with untruths about the reason most teachers choose this profession.

I am astonished that she sits on the House Education Committee for the state of Washington. With the attitude that prevailed in her comments, she should step aside and put her efforts elsewhere.

We should applaud the job that teachers do and recognize the positive impact that they have had and will have on so many of our kids.

Rick Link

Battle Ground