Couple plead not guilty to kidnapping man for marijuana




A Yacolt couple pleaded not guilty Friday to kidnapping a man June 15 near Orchards Park in a ploy to recover stolen marijuana.

Frank E. Brown, 28, and his wife, Valentine Robbins, who are free on bail, were charged with second-degree kidnapping. Brown and Robbins also were appointed attorneys Friday: David Kurtz and Brandy Jeffers. Brown said the couple’s assets were unavailable to them at this time.

Their trial is scheduled Sept. 3.

Brown and Robbins are accused of kidnapping Freddie Johnson after a friend of Johnson’s allegedly stole 2 pounds of marijuana instead of buying it.

Johnson and his friend met with Brown and Robbins in Orchards Park to buy the marijuana for $4,000, according to a probable cause affidavit.

Instead, the friend allegedly ran off with the goods without paying, leaving Johnson, court records say. Brown allegedly grabbed Johnson and ordered him into the couple’s vehicle. The couple told Johnson that they would drive him to a nearby waterfall and shoot him in the head if he didn’t convince his friend to return the marijuana, according to the court documents.

Johnson was released after Brown saw a police vehicle nearby, court documents say.

Brown told police that Johnson had hatched the plan and agreed to play along to convince his friend to return the marijuana, court documents say.