Letter: Pike’s slam on teachers shameful



As representative from the 18th Legislative District, Liz Pike gets $42,106 salary for 105 days of work per year in odd years and 60 days of work in even years. She’s also entitled to “a generous pension and health insurance benefits.” And there’s the daily food allowance. And unlike our teachers, our legislators work on all holidays and never take a break during the spring or summer, right? How do they squeeze so many days of work into a 365 day year? And when was the last time our legislators took a pay cut?

See, while it’s easy to make a job’s compensation package look unfair, I know that there’s a lot more to Pike’s job than those numbers would indicate.

Pike should not be very proud to degrade one of the most noble professions and to be so hypocritical. Does she need a masters degree and continuing education to keep her job? No, just a lot of hot air. She really ought to be ashamed.

At least our teachers can come home after a day in the classroom and feel proud of the work they’ve done. Can she?

Think twice about re-electing this narrow-minded politician. The taxpayers “deserve an exceptional and inspired” legislator. “Don’t you agree?”

Ed White