Weather Eye: Weather observers report county rainfall amounts for February




OK before we go too far let’s review some rainfall from February as promised from your friends and neighbors: I had 2.09 inches here in Salmon Creek; Pearson Field in Vancouver, 1.16 inches; Murphy Dennis, near Clark County Rifles, 4.78 inches; Claudia Chiasson, Carson, 5.77 inches; Tyler Mode, Battle Ground, 3.18 inches; Judy Darke, Felida, 1.73 inches; Irv St. Germain, Prune Hill, 2.26 inches; Bob Starr, Cougar, 10.02 inches; Phil Delany, Dole Valley, 7.70 inches; Robin Ruzek, Lake Shore, 1.64 inches; Bud Maddux, Home Valley, 4.69 inches; Pete Conrad near Tukes Mountain, 2.99 inches; Merle Moore, two miles west of Yacolt, 5.96 inches; Dave Campbell, one mile west of Heisson, 2.96 inches; Tyler Mode from his Minnehaha station, 1.89 inches; Gary Collins, Brush Prairie, 3.60 inches; Jim Knoll, Five Corners, 2.48 inches; Dan Hein, Camas, 2.82 inches; Larry Lebsack, Northeast Hazel Dell, 2.51 inches; Bill Sobolewski, Livingston Mountain, 5.57 inches; Joe Holden, east of Washougal, 3.74 inches; and Ellen Smart, Ridgefield, 1.70 inches.

Some comments from the observers include: Jim Knoll, “It’s kind of nice not to be flooded out all the time. The drier weather is helping keep the golf courses from being quite so swampy. I hope that the next few months are below average in the rain bucket. We are getting just enough snow in the mountains and foothills to keep skiing going strong too so it’s the best of both worlds.” Larry Lebsack: “Things are springing up. It’s an anticipation time of year: can’t plant things yet, but it’ll be soon time to start germinating all those wonderful summer veggies. Yes, I get a kick out of the Weather Channel’s naming of winter storms, Saturn and did you catch the name of a previous storm ‘Q’?” Robin Ruzek, “Whatever we had last month, it sure took its time getting down (drizzle, drizzle, or as some have called, the “Oregon dry rain”).”

March 2012 was very wet; I recorded 8.39 inches here in Salmon Creek and 7.28 inches in March 2007. It will be much dirtier this month. See you on Sunday. Still thinking some colder weather heading our way midmonth.

Patrick Timm is a local weather specialist. His column appears Tuesdays, Thursdays and Sundays. Reach him at Weather Systems.