Letter: Expand light rail into county



I am a single mother of two kids and I have always lived in Clark County. My opinion regarding light rail stems from my job loss in 2009, which as a result I eventually lost my vehicle. Three years later, C-Tran fares were rising and the possibility of me ever driving — to the grocery store or a job interview — was looking grim. Fast forward to the present, I am finally back to work.

Recently I tried to take my kids to Comic Con in Portland. My options were limited. We spent one hour on bus 6 and then waited another grueling half-hour for the express bus to take us across the river. It had taken me four years to find a family-supporting job in Clark County but if I had resorted to looking for work in Oregon, I would have spent that long trying to get home on the bus.

Make light rail a reality. Doesn’t anyone in my generation of 30-somethings remember when light rail expanded in Portland and we rode that thing every weekend? We all expected that it would expand into Vancouver. Why would any functioning government limit transportation for its residents and businesses by building a bridge that’s too low and without light rail?

Angela Barron