Letter: GOP might get most of the blame



Once again Thomas Sowell is on a rant about his “turncoat” affirmative-action-supporting nemesis, President Barack Obama. This time, in his March 5 column, “Obama seeks to create public alarm, use it against GOP,” he whines that the president turned down the opportunity to have discretionary authority to choose spending cuts under sequestration.

Imagine the temerity of this serial power-grabbing leader (Sowell’s perception) turning down an opportunity to shoot himself in the foot, (no, I don’t want to get into that gun control thing). If consequences of the whole sequester fiasco look like they will fall more heavily on the Republican members of Congress in 2014, perhaps they will be less prone to once again shove the country toward “the cliff,” while refusing to consider any form of tax hikes on the top 1 percent during further discussions on the budget.

Calvin Jutila