Letter: TSA sharply criticized



As a flight attendant for nearly 20 years, I am completely dismayed by the TSA’s recent decision that will allow small knives onboard an aircraft. The prohibited items list plays an important role in aviation security. Allowing any knife or other dangerous objects into aircraft cabins puts every single airline passenger and flight attendant at risk.

It is not just terrorists who concern me, it’s the average crazy person who goes off of his medication, or just had a bad day, and could take it out at 35,000 feet where there is no 911 to call. I have had to deal with mentally disturbed passengers before. It is not easy now. It would be terrifying if they were carrying any kind of knife.

I have spoken with many of my passengers and friends about this and I have yet to meet anyone who thinks this is a good idea. If no one thinks this is a good decision, then why did it go into effect?

TSA needs a reality check.

Teresa Marble