Letter: Charge development to new users



Just a few years ago, Clark Regional Wastewater District more than doubled many sewer rates in order to pay for new capacity demanded by growth. Now I read in the recent “Connections” newsletter that the wastewater district is discounting new connection charges in order to “support economic development” (i.e. millionaire developers). What it looks like to me is that they’re using their monopoly power to soak current residents like us in order to subsidize new construction for fat-cat developers who run the county’s elections.

Please tell the commissioners this: Sewer customers should only be paying for sewer services, not for the county’s development. When Clark Regional Wastewater District can afford to offer discounts, it should relax the monthly charges that skyrocketed a couple years back.

When Clark Regional Wastewater District needs to raise cash for expansion, it should either charge enough for new connections or else borrow construction money in the present that will be paid back by increased numbers of customers in the future (and be sure it doesn’t get the forecasts wrong).

Jeff Fisher