Letter: Inability to compromise is failure



The sequester has started to take hold. President Obama, Speaker of the House and Congress have failed the American people again through their inability to function as a body. It should be noted that the president, members of Congress and high Cabinet posts will receive no pay cuts, as other government workers will.

“Sequester” seems to be exactly what is needed; literally lock up (sequester) those bickering, self-indulgent, campaign-motivated individuals in the halls of Congress, 24/7, until they come to an accord; no exceptions, while they enjoy their untouchable salaries. This just might bring home to these pampered individuals the plight of many Americans, the many who work two jobs just to feed their families and the many who cannot find a job. You will not find these average people giving endless, meaningless speeches that produce nothing.

The working-class Americans, and others, question the power brokers: Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi, John Boehner, Mitch McConnell and their henchmen’s inability to function with each other. It seems that until we have term limits (four to six years), these individuals will continue to carry on with their 15 percent approval ratings and their substandard performances.

Wilfred J. Hudson