Letter: Binational couples face difficulties



Even after the state approved same-sex marriage, there is still the problem of binational same-sex couples facing difficulties regarding the residency status of the non-citizen partner.

Federal laws such as the Defense of Marriage Act refuse to allow married binational same-sex couples the same benefits given to binational heterosexual couples. Instead, the system uses the confirmation of the relationship to heavily reduce their chance of obtaining a temporary visa.

It is bothersome to know that, to some couples, marriage becomes a hindrance to their chance of being together.

I am glad that Congress introduced legislation that would allow the U.S. citizen to sponsor a partner’s application for a green card. If this is passed, I also suggest that they propose legislation that would allow them to obtain citizenship, similar to the opportunity made available to heterosexual couples.

I think we should consider the fact that it is so much easier to ignore all the legal process of residing in the country, but here are couples trying their best to conform to laws that, more often than not, discriminate against them.

To truly step forward as a society, I think we should allow similar rights for all types of marriages.

Karen Yu