Letter: Teens and cars a risky combination



It always saddens me to read about fatal car accidents. We hear so often about teenagers getting killed in crashes due to reckless driving. Yet, despite the statistics that teen drivers are the most hazardous, no movement has been made to change the legal driving age.

I believe this is something that should be seriously taken into consideration.

Frequently I pick up my little sister from high school, and on a daily basis young drivers leaving school zoom out of the parking lot without checking both ways for traffic. At an age when hormones are raging and mental and emotional changes are taking place, I think it is unwise to expect a teenager to have control over a car, which takes a great amount of mental and emotional maturity.

This is an issue that I believe many people can agree and sympathize with. For those of us who rely on our teenagers to drive themselves to work or school, a change in the legal driving age may be inconvenient. Nevertheless, which is more important — convenience or the lives of our children?

Danielle P. Voisin