Talking Points: Yankees hurting



Brian Urlacher.

What’s the buzz from the world of sports? Here are some items that will have people talking:


Here’s a bright spot for haters of the free-spending New York Yankees: They will enter the regular season without third baseman Alex Rodriguez (hip), shortstop Derek Jeter (ankle), first baseman Mark Teixeira (wrist), center fielder Curtis Granderson (forearm) and likely starting pitcher Phil Hughes (back).

You could build an all-star team around the guys on the disabled list, including pitcher Johan Santana, Mets; closer Jason Motte, Cardinals; catcher Brian McCann, Braves; DH David Ortiz, Red Sox, and third baseman Chase Headley, Padres.


Brian Urlacher is the latest symbol of life after 30 in the NFL. As Clifton Brown reports on, if you are on the downside of your career, and no longer a star, start packing your bags when your contract runs out.

If veterans around the league have yet to wake up now, they never will. With so many teams feeling salary cap restraints, young players in their prime are having trouble getting new deals.

As for older players on the downside of their career, forget about it.

Younger players need to take heed.

Save your money.

ake care of your bodies.

Because you will probably be asked to leave before you are ready.


A lot has changed in MLS since last fall.

It’s not been good change, so far, for fans of the Seattle Sounders. has Seattle at No. 16 in its power rankings for the 19-team league at week four.

Portland at 0-1-2 is just ahead of Seattle at No. 15. The Timbers play Colorado on Saturday. Since the Rapids are at No. 18, this is a road win Portland needs to get.