Oregon peeper gets 10-year prison sentence



EUGENE, Ore. — A man who took pictures of at least 13 women in restroom stalls has been sentenced to a decade in prison.

Richard Douglas Casavan, 45, pleaded guilty Wednesday to charges of invasion of privacy, burglary and possession of methamphetamine in a 31-count indictment.

Authorities said he would slip his cellphone under stall dividers to take photos and videos. The crimes led several buildings in downtown Eugene to post warning notices in their restrooms.

Casavan, who was captured in a women’s restroom in January, faced similar charges in 2005.

“Now here we are eight years later, and he’s still engaging in the same conduct, and he’s still using methamphetamine,” prosecutor Christopher Parosa told Lane County Judge Maurice Merten. “The sentence in this case has to be harsh.”

After Casavan was caught, police seized his cellphone and found many pictures, including many of victims who were never identified. Parosa said it’s almost certain that Casavan took far more photos than police discovered.

Gary Deal, Casavan’s attorney, said his client now realizes how bad his conduct has been and is “remorseful and deeply ashamed of what he’s done.”

Before the judge handed down the sentence, Casavan acknowledged his conduct had been “creepy.” He said it was partly connected to his drug problem.