Letter: Fast track trial and punishment



We have two mass shootings in a short period of time that were leveraged by the Obama administration through the use of emotions, including the use and manipulation of grieving parents to take away firearms from law-abiding citizens. Virtually all of the proposals in the name of reducing gun violence would have had no impact on any criminal or have prevented any of the mass shootings, just us law-abiding citizens.

It has become evident that James Holmes, the accused Colorado movie theater shooter, is going to plead insanity for this crime, and I would like to propose a new bill for consideration. Any person who commits a mass shooting and is captured and not killed goes onto a legal fast track. They receive a fair trial, they receive no appeal due to overwhelming eye witness testimony and that of the law enforcement involved in the capture. They are given their last meal within 30 days of the crime, taken to meet their death and then God. If you are serious about stopping these shootings then I suggest you consider this approach and contact your Congress person in favor of “fast track” executions for mass shooters.

Chris Hill