Letter: Improve medical patient transport



What patient — mostly diseased or injured who has to consider the lack of providing their own transportation — wants to be picked up an hour early and left behind because their medical transport driver wouldn’t wait an extra 10 minutes for their appointment to be complete?

No one.

You might already be relying on this type of transportation, or you might have to rely on it soon, who knows? All I know is I undeniably would not put up with this issue if it were me.

It is our tax dollars and our out-of-pocket expenses paying for this ridiculous behavior from transport companies.

I feel that most medical transportation companies just want the “bucks” and could care less about who they are driving around.

What happened to treating everyone fairly?

Most patients are too scared to speak up, so I will for them. We need to care for those diseased and injured patients and fix this problem.

Most of us will find ourselves in the same situation one day and nobody wants to deal with that from medical transportation company that we pay.

Tiffani Padgett