Letter: Coal exports carry many dangers



As if selling our Rocky Mountain coal so cheaply to burn overseas is not bad enough, Big Coal tycoons crave more. Huge corporations actually propose a plan to pollute American for more billions. They do not mind harming us.

Farmers in Montana, fighting coal transported through there, are ignored. Warren Buffet and Ambre Energy of Australian seem insatiable gluttons who will pillage all American resources, continue polluting American’s air, land and water with enormous coal train and barge shipments. Polluting the Columbia Gorge adds more neurotoxic mercury to fish. When coal burns, it emits cancer and disease-causing toxins into the atmosphere.

We in the USA are closing our coal-burning factories. Why? Doctors and nurses tell us we must not breathe the lead, mercury, chromium or uranium from coal burning. I do not want extra large doses of diesel fumes from trains pulling extra heavy coal loads in my grand-children’s lungs. Nursing studies recommend we move away from such pollution.

However, we can’t stop breathing the Earth’s atmosphere. Foreign coal-burning plants’ winds blow here, right?

Dorethea Simone