Letter: Progress hopeful in Ridgefield



I am pleased to read in the May 11 Columbian online story that “Ridgefield school renovation, building project starts,” and that Ridgefield plans on having all the school improvements finished by 2014.

But I am disappointed that, out of everything that needs to be improved with the school, they chose to start renovating the stadium rather than the auditorium. The school more than anything needs a new auditorium since the band community has expanded so much in the past few years. It is difficult and hazardous to fit more 70 students in the current tiny “band room.” But since the renovations on the stadium have already begun, I hope to hear that the auditorium will be next.

I know we can all agree, if you’ve ever been inside the band room, that the school is in great need of an auditorium.

Brenda Andrade