Letter: Crude advice is offensive



What place does Jessica Leigh’s advice column have in a family newspaper, especially one that participates in Newspapers in Education? Leigh’s May 22 column, “In love and sex, ‘too soon’ is an arbitrary notion,” was what prompted me to write.

I usually enjoy the advice columns and am ready for the varying opinions given, as the other writers use sarcasm and humor tastefully and there is thoughtful purpose in their response. I was not prepared for this writer’s offensive ineptness.

This type of advice is what one might find in a sensationalistic women’s magazine, but this crudeness in not what I expect with my morning paper.

It is of further concern that a newspaper would choose to print something that is certainly not fit for young or even teen eyes in a school setting. It is time that The Columbian uses some discretion in what it chooses to print. The big “red flag” that is in the title of her column “Questionable Advice” should make it easy to decide.

Suzanne Opperman