Letter: Can coal jobs be worth the risk?



Read the Oct. 21 story “Super smog hits northern China city.” If you think that this doesn’t affect us think again. We are experiencing climate change mostly due to the pollutants that we pump into the air. Imagine waking up one morning and not being able to see across your street. This brings me to something much closer to home: Coal cars coming through our town. Is it really worth the several hundred jobs that this will create? If the number of real jobs were substantial I might consider it but this is not the fact as I have read it. Only 100 or 200 permanent jobs will be created.

I have relatives in Kentucky where much coal is mined and they have referred to the gray sheen on the ground left by the coal trains and the increased lung disease created directly by this product. Do we really want to be a part of that?

Now look at climate change. How long has it been since you have seen an October this free from rain and with this much sunshine? This is the proof in the pudding.

Take a long look at what we are leaving to our children and grandchildren. Would you like to live in those conditions?

Ken French