Letter: Not too late; correct hiring mistake



It is not enough to apologize for a wrong, but to be willing to do something to make it right. I propose a solution to the ongoing concerns about state Sen. Don Benton’s hiring. Because the Clark County commissioners hired him, the county staff is unable to follow protocol without the direction of that board. When commissioners hired Benton in May, it was with the understanding that he had management experience. Now that The Columbian has investigated and proven that Benton misrepresented his expertise, the human resources department cannot take any action unless the commissioners direct HR to investigate.

Under normal circumstances, county interviewing panels would have vetted the applicant and discovered numerous falsehoods, such as the fact that Benton’s vast management expertise lasted a mere seven months as a manager of (not 80-100) only 20 staff. That unsuccessful experience ended abruptly after seven months (quit or fired?). The board of Clark County commissioners should authorize HR to investigate if there has been willful misrepresentation on Benton’s application. It is a reasonable response to make up for a serious breach of protocol.

Deborah Nelson