Letter: Push for more state news on local TV



A Nov. 3 story, “Full ballot; tepid turnout? Odd-year vote, confusion over freeholders and advisory votes likely to deter voters,” made reference to those of us in Clark County not turning out to vote. The article also noted that we are or appear to be uninformed. I agree with that statement.

We are not, however, uninformed about what is going on in Oregon. I think the reason for this is due to Comcast, which has a 10-year franchise agreement with Vancouver and Clark County for cable television services. Comcast does not make available to us enough TV stations that provide Washington state news. We should be able to see the Seattle television stations so that we can be informed on matters pertaining to Washington.

I see no reason why a cable provider cannot provide both Seattle stations and Portland stations to us. Sure, it will mean possibly two stations for ABC, NBC and CBS. But what is more important? That we will get informed.

So, it’s time for our cable provider to provide us stations with Washington news.

Bruce Arbuckle