Vital statistics



Marriage licenses


Tinnin, Deborah Sue, 57, Portland, and Stock, Kathryn Anne, 56, Portland.

Nguyen, Cuong Van, 58, Vancouver, and Truong, Thuy Linh Thi, 56, Vancouver.

Hansen, Karin Marie, 46, Springfield, Ore., and Watts, Rebecca Joy, 52, Springfield, Ore.

Robertson, Austin James, 21, Vancouver, and Youngs, Anna Christine, 19, Vancouver.

Bulker, James Allen, 44, Ridgefield, and Young, Donna Sue, 43, Ridgefield.

Westberg, Sarah Therese, 28, Beaverton, Ore., and Armstrong, Michelle Renee, 29, Beaverton, Ore.

McPhee, Miriam Adelaide Neidhardt, 35, Portland, and Greim, Katrin, 39, Portland.

Kooken, Phillip Walden, 60, Battle Ground, and Seely, Carolyn Jo, 60, Battle Ground.

Kiely, John Patrick, 69, Eugene, Ore., and Groepler, William Lester, 69, Eugene, Ore.

Burbank, Tiffany Kay, 27, Vancouver, and Busby, Jeffery Arnez Jr., 32, Vancouver.

Marriage dissolutions


Burns, Allison J. and Thomas R.

Daugherty, Shayn S. and Cassie L.

Ektov, Valentina and Igor.

Gaylord, Melissa Anne and Bannister, Tolman Barilla.

Geller, Laurie and Corey.

Harbin, Jessica Joanne and Christopher Alan.

McKee, Nathan P. and Juliana C.

Murphy Jennifer Ann and Mathew Joseph.

Oakden, Jennifer Doll and Aaron Michael.

Okraku, Enoch and Rose Ann.

Passon, Billy Wayne, and Lindstrom, Lise M.

Plascencia, Sergio, and De Los Santos, Gabriel A.

Sanborn, Kristel and Brent. Woman's name changed to Lumsden.

Siegfried, Amy and Michael Alan.

Townsend, Jessica Marie and Aaron Christopher.

Webber, Casey and Angie.

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