Woman accused of kidnapping, home robbery in Central Park




A Vancouver woman appeared Friday in Clark County Superior Court on suspicion of participating in a kidnapping, robbery and assault Oct. 15 of three people at a home in Vancouver’s Central Park neighborhood. The victims may have been kidnapped because of a dispute over stolen property, according to court documents.

Leslie D. LaRue, 37, aka Leslie Likens, of Vancouver faces charges at her Nov. 22 arraignment of criminal conspiracy, second-degree assault and first-degree robbery.

Judge Barbara Johnson held her on $100,000 bail and appointed Vancouver attorney Tony Lowe to defend her.

She is one of three defendants in the case. Nicholas M. Loredo, 34, and Tyffanie M. Kuykendall, 33, have already been charged with kidnapping and robbery. Loredo was also charged with assault.

LaRue is accused of helping to plan the kidnapping and robbery, which, apparently, was intended to try to recover some stolen property, according to court documents. She assaulted one of the three victims while they were being held against their will, court documents allege.

The victims, two men and one woman, said they drove together early Oct. 15 to Kuykendall’s home and parked in her driveway, the affidavit says. Loredo, who was armed with a handgun, opened one of the car’s back doors and ordered the victims out of the car and into the house, the affidavit says. Once inside, Loredo told them to sit on the couch, remove their shoes, empty their pockets and surrender their backpacks, the affidavit says. Kuykendall allegedly assisted him in taking all of the items.

The 17-year-old female victim said a woman named “Leslie” beat her in the face, according to the affidavit.

The 31-year-old male was able to escape the house and call 911.

The victims said they were held for about two hours. No one was seriously injured.