Letter: Attention-getter gets nothing done



After the latest Clark County commissioners’ meeting it appears that if David Madore was only pursuing notoriety and attention in this community, the $314,000 of his own wealth that he spent campaigning for commissioner must have proven to be money well spent. But what now? What new shenanigans in which he is involved will pop out at us on the next front-page story? Where does this county government — brain drained by early retirements, resignations and cronyism — go from here in dealing with our complex local and state issues?

Notoriety, fame and wealth often propel incompetent ideologues into power while misconceptions and beliefs gain control of their lives and render them clueless in contributing to or creating bipartisan, ethical, rational, common-sense solutions to problems. Like sand in the gas tank they grind all things to a halt and arrogantly blame others for their shortcomings. I don’t think, from having followed this local drama intently, that Madore and Commissioner Tom Mielke have a clue now — or ever will — at what they are doing.

Donald F. Baiar