Letter: Wasted enough on CRC; start again



We need a third and fourth bridge, not a lower bridge to replace one of the two spans we have. The present Interstate 5 Bridge needs maintenance, not destroyed. Funding for this lower expensive, shipping-unfriendly bridge is not only to take our tax money; it will take money from some third party, which will require repayment with interest, and what else will we be forced to pay? The jobs they brag about in building it are almost never for local workers. Bids go to out-of-state companies. The workers send their wages home to pay their own family expenses.

Vancouver will turn into a parking lot for people to ride light rail. Running light rail to Clark College would encourage more Portland students and take classes away from Clark County residents who need to improve their job skills. As it is, too many of our own are crowded out of needed classes.

We need the third bridge from publicly-owned land in the Fruit Valley area to publicly-owned land on the Oregon side. This will take big trucks away from downtown and the I-5 Bridge, and be more efficient and probably less expensive.

The Columbia River Crossing has wasted much money and time. We could have the third bridge built and be planning a fourth bridge by now.

Louise Clair