Letter: Grateful citizens have health care



The implementation of the Affordable Care Act began in earnest on Oct. 1. There will be a sense of relief, anger, confusion and I assume, other emotions regarding the registration for health care. Some of the language describing those emotions will be unprintable in the newspaper.

Opponents of the bill have had several years to use the legislative process to rectify the parts of the bill they found objectionable. Several years to find common ground for the common good of the American people they were elected to represent. Instead, they have indulged in fear-mongering, name-calling, lies about death panels and other dirty tricks to demonize what is basically a Republican plan set forth by a Republican governor (Mitt Romney) when he held office in a heavily Democratic Party state (Massachusetts).

There will be registration problems for sure, but they could have been lessened if certain members of both parties had the true courage of their convictions instead of those bought and paid for by special interests. I am grateful for my health care and want every citizen to have the care they need.

Randy Cate