Letter: Johnson will be missed



Last month, Kiwanis and our community lost one of its brightest stars. Very unexpectedly, Ross Johnson passed away. Johnson was an untiring worker with his church, Kiwanis, the Kiwanis Aktion Club and his workshop.

He made countless toys and rocking animals, many of which he donated to his church’s nursery, to various organizations to raise money for their charities and, of course, to friends.

Johnson was known for his very corny jokes, his good humor and his hugs and kindness to everyone.

He served as lieutenant governor of Division 44, Pacific Northwest Kiwanis, as well as various club offices. If ever anyone deserved the title, Mr. Kiwanis, it was Johnson. He also gave many hours of service to the Aktion Club of Clark County.

I don’t know what we’re going to do without him. I do know that where ever he is, it’s a more lively place now that he is there.

Our hearts and love go out to Johnson’s family. He will never be forgotten.

Annette Cartwright