Farmers harvest corn crop in Ridgefield

By Marissa Harshman, Columbian Health Reporter



RIDGEFIELD — Harvest season has begun for a group of Ridgefield farmers.

For the next week, Jim Walker, John Mettler Jr., Bill Kennedy and a few other former dairy farmers will work together to harvest about 230 acres of corn in the Ridgefield area. The corn — harvested from several different fields in the area — will feed cattle during the winter months.

“We’re trying to beat the bad weather,” Walker said as he greased parts on the harvesting equipment Wednesday afternoon.After Walker serviced the equipment, Mettler Jr. resumed his work harvesting the lush corn fields.

“It’s just like mowing the grass,” he said as he drove. “Once you get it down, you got it.”

The fall harvest marks the end of the season for the lifelong farmers.

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