Talking Points: Third down a worry for Seahawks




Most of the NFL power rankings have the Seahawks at No. 5. The prevailing thought is No. 1 Denver, No. 2 New Orleans, No. 3. Indianapolis. No. 4 Kansas City and No. 5 Seattle.

Not everyone is on the Chiefs’ bandwagon yet, but 5-0 is 5-0.

Here’s what says about the Seahawks: “On paper, the Seahawks still have the most complete team, but their lack of third-down efficiency has become a concern over the last two weeks…. It is hard to win when a team is only successful on 19 percent of the third downs you face.”


While on the topic of the NFL, Indianapolis receiver T.Y. Hilton said his big day (5 catches, 140 yards, 2 TDs) against Seattle was jump started after an insult from Seahawks cornerback Brandon Browner.

“Browner said I’m light as (expletive),” Hilton told

That insult allegedly came after the Colts started the game with three three-and-outs.

“(Browner) made me hit the light switch that nobody’s seen,” Hilton said. “He made that decision. So they should blame him.”

Later, Hilton said, “He pushed the button, so he deserved it.”


Michael Jordan has been in the news for comments he’s made about which current NBA players he could outperform in his prime.

Now, ESPN analyst Jalen Rose is predicting MJ will play one game this year, at age 50, for his Charlotte Bobcats, the team which he is the majority owner.

Jordan did come out of retirement to play for the Washington Wizards at ages 38 and 39.

But at 50? Talking Points predicts there is no way Jordan will do this. There is a huge physiological difference between age 39 and age 50. Not even MJ is immune from aging.