Letter: Leaders should look in the mirror



Why is it our political leaders of the United States of America, home of opportunity and prosperity, continue to finger-point and puerilely blame their counterparts down the street for the country’s economic, financial and socioeconomic turmoil? What they should be doing is looking in the mirror and realizing the problem starts with them and their agendas. And perhaps even more importantly, realizing the solutions to these volatile problems of socialistic ideals, economic/financial unrest and the subsequent divisions of an entire nation starts with them.

It seems that if a political leader or party, regardless of the nationality they govern, truly has the best interests of their peoples at the core of what drives them, they would proactively collaborate to constructively unite an entire nation based upon the founding principles of that country.

At what point do we the people unite and selflessly put our own agendas aside for the security of our rights as Americans, to live our lives free and pursue happiness the way our founding fathers had intended? This country was created to escape the authoritative system of government that controlled its people instead of listening to and working for its people.

Brian Legato