Egyptian air force MiG-21 crashes; 1 dead, 2 injured



CAIRO — Flaming debris from the breakup of a military fighter jet Sunday rained onto a rural hamlet near Luxor. One person was killed on the ground and two were hurt, officials said.

The pilot of the Russian-made MiG-21, which was on a training flight, parachuted to safety. Egyptian army spokesman Col. Ahmed Ali blamed a “sudden malfunction” for the crash, but gave no details.

The Ahram website quoted Luxor’s security director as saying that fiery wreckage plummeted onto agricultural fields and village homes, killing a farmer and some livestock and injuring two villagers.

The Obama administration last week said it was suspending deliveries of U.S. F-16 fighter jets and other military hardware in response to the Egyptian military’s July ousting of the country’s first democratically elected president, Islamist Mohamed Morsi, and a subsequent harsh crackdown on his followers.

The F-16 is the mainstay of Egypt’s air force, but the military still has some older Russian-built craft.

Luxor, 450 miles south of Cairo, was the scene in February of the crash of a tourist hot-air balloon, which left 19 people dead.