Letter: Choose citizens, not politicians



After reading through the current voter’s pamphlet that I received in my mailbox, I realized that there are four current elected officials, seven former elected officials and three people who have been previously rejected to serve in an elected office among those who are currently running for Clark County charter freeholder positions.

If you currently hold a public office, you should put all of your time and energy into the position that you have already been elected to, because as I look at the current condition of the county and state, none of you are doing a good job. If you have formerly held a public office, there is no doubt why you don’t now. As for the candidates who have previously run for office, the voters have already soundly rejected your ideas.

I ask the voters of Clark County that when you cast your votes for freeholders, vote for your fellow citizens who aren’t politicians because as I understand it, the home rule charter should be made up of people with fresh, new ideas and a vast wealth of varying experience. We don’t need the same politicians making the same mistakes when our county government is reshaped.

Mike Schroetke