Letter: 'Apology' is more business as usual



Let me join the thousands of readers who were misled by the Oct. 16 headline, "Madore: Elected officials need to apologize to voters."

Of course, we're all hoping that the apology would express sorrow for hiring incompetent cronies to important county positions; anguish for delaying a contract to the Humane Society; repentance for a host of egregious actions and statements that reflect his own personal agenda slanted to the drumbeats of a vocal right-wing minority. But no, his "apology" is a continuation of political posturing toward his skewed vision of Columbia River Crossing.

Of course, Commissioner Tom Mielke will vote "yes," Commissioner Steve Stuart will vote "no," and we'll all be stuck with another symbol of why the M&M boys need to be replaced.

Michael Spence