Letter: Rein in destructive conduct



Clark County Commissioner David Madore flouts the “sacred trust” protected by the Code of Ethical Conduct of a Clark County commissioner. Madore has dishonored that trust. Principle 2 of the Code impels “A county commissioner [to] promote decorum, respect for others and civility in all public relationships.”

Madore’s incivility has shattered public relationships across Clark County but he went beyond the pale with his Clark County update Aug. 24 on his Facebook page, where he accused C-Tran legal counsel Tom Wolfendale of being underhanded and of double-dealing: “I strongly oppose the tactic as underhanded, double dealing and disingenuous. … I consider this a violation of integrity, not only of the board, but by you as the legal counsel to the board.”

Madore cannot restrain himself. He takes to Facebook almost daily to denigrate fellow elected officials and employees. He has shown himself incapable of maintaining the ethical principles of good governance. He is an elected bull in our county’s china shop, breaking relationships countywide that have hitherto promoted our civil society and common good; it is time that citizens and fellow officials alike take steps to corral the bull and rein in this destructive personality.

Ron Goodman