Letter: Censorship or best friends?



It has finally become crystal clear that The Columbian editorial board has a soft spot for the Bonneville Power Administration. Over the last few years those of us opposed to BPA building massive 500kV transmission lines with 150-foot towers in populated areas that will not serve Clark County have wondered why the reporting was biased toward BPA. BPA always got the last word and The Columbian repeatedly published their debunked talking points as fact.

The recent hiring debacle is just the latest of the many ongoing scandals that plague BPA. Apart from the Associated Press Sept. 1 story “Audit rips BPA hiring methods,” The Columbian, for the most part, has ignored it. Apparently, The Columbian has given BPA a pass so why not the M&M Boys (Commissioners David Madore and Tom Mielke) and Sen. Don Benton, R-Vancouver? The Columbian has been more than vocal when reporting on the actions of these men. But they are minor league players compared to BPA. Their malfeasance can only ruin Clark County. BPA has the whole of the west of Washington state at their disposal, so it seems.

The Columbian must not play favorites. A responsible newspaper remains unbiased and news is reported fairly. That’s the least that readers expect. What BPA has done and how it operates deserves fair and open coverage from our newspaper.

Richard van Dijk

Brush Prairie