Letter: Effort would raise level of heart care



I hope many Clark County residents have seen the marvelous painted, six-foot-tall HeArts that are displayed, outdoors, throughout our community. Designed and painted by 30 talented local artists, the HeArts will be auctioned at a Sept. 21 gala to raise funds to enlarge the Heart and Vascular Center suite at PeaceHeath Southwest Medical Center.

If you haven’t noticed the HeArts and want to see them, a map can be found at http://www.swmedicalcenter.org/hearts. The HeArts will be removed Sept. 16, so I urge you to visit them soon.

Because the Heart and Vascular Center is the sole provider of emergency interventional cardiology in Southwest Washington, it’s vital that the center continues the quality and range of services for which it’s known. A team of experienced, top-notch cardiac and vascular physicians deliver excellent care to their patients each day. An enlarged suite will allow these physicians to perform minimally invasive procedures, as well as open surgeries for medically fragile heart and vascular patients.

Heart disease is the number one killer of both men and women. We owe our community everything that we can do to provide the best care possible.

Connie Kearney