Vital Statistics





Emily L. and Brennan M. Colson, Vancouver, a girl, Haven B., Aug. 26, 9 pounds.

Marriage licenses


Hancock, Shawn Diane, 53, Hammond, Ore., and Mullen, Deborah Anne, 61, Hammond, Ore.

Talcott, Cathleen Jane, 60, Vancouver, and Simpson, Janine Lee, 52, Vancouver.

Dixon, Chelsea Taylor, 28, Milwaukie, Ore., and Tiller, Sarah Dawn, 31, Milwaukie, Ore.

Gordon, Daeshonne Lapaul, 36, Vancouver, and Saucedo, Olivia Marie, 19, Estacada, Ore.

Adkins, Stevie Mac, 56, Blodgett, Ore., and Labut, Edwin Michael, 49, Blodgett, Ore.

Kittner Jr., Charles Larry, 57, Vancouver, and Simmons, Linda Kay, 61, Vancouver.

Hyrncewich, James Henry, 49, Portland, and Davis III, John Paul, 49, Portland.

Heltness, Melissa Kristine, 39, Yacolt, and Reid, Lonn Archie, 59, Yacolt.

Pelikan, Donna Jo, 43, Gresham, Ore., and Buckley, Ronald Claude, 57, Gresham, Ore.

Gardner, Patricia Ann, 52, Vancouver, and Gardner, Sally Anne, 52, Portland.

Gaugel, Suzanne Grace, 22, Yacolt, and Darr, Ryan Jesse, 23, Yacolt.

Arestegui, Kristin Marie, 44, Vancouver, and Skalbeck, Joshua Allen, 24, Vancouver.

Raines, David Leland, 76, Amboy, and Hicks, Ada Lorraine, 75, Amboy.

Krakowiecki, Michelle Denise, 32, Gresham, Ore., and Penn, Michelle Christine, 34, Gresham, Ore.

Landes-McCullough, Donald James, 61, Vancouver, and Landes-McCullough, Richard Ross, 61, Vancouver.

Engels, Brooke Kristine, 21, Vancouver, and Sibold, Samuel John, 23, Fairview, Ore.

Magnus, John Douglas, 63, King City, Ore., and Stocker, Jeffrey David, 59, King City, Ore.

Navarre, Erin Nicole, 33, Vancouver, and Deane, Todd Steven, 40, Vancouver.

Hohnstein, Marina Rae, 21, Portland, and Martinez, Ciera Jean, 20, Portland.

Baird, Riley Anne, 23, Eugene, Ore., and Henson, Zebari Keith, 35, Springfield, Ore.

Odell, Steven Kelly, 47, Portland, and Hicks, Don Allen, 49, Portland.

Hernandez, Mourice Augustine, 34, Vancouver, and Rangel, Sheena Marie, 28, Vancouver.

Strauss, Andrea Gabrielle, 52, Portland, and Cupit, Gay Lynn, 52, Portland.

Lupfer, Lee Roy, 23, Vancouver, and Tong, Jessica Lorrine, 23, Vancouver.

Sodja, Zoe, 69, Portland, and Henry, Melissa Fae, 67, Portland.

Grimes, Ashley Lanette, 23, Battle Ground, and Pease, David Ivan, 35, Battle Ground.

Mayhew, Karen Delma, 61, Milwaukie, Ore., and Billy, Mary Ann, 61, Milwaukie, Ore.

Town, Charles Louis, 30, Battle Ground, and Schweikhardt, Alex Lorraine, 28, Battle Ground.

Smith, Debra Alice, 62, Salt Lake City, Utah, and Kaszowski, Sandra Ann, 63, Salt Lake City, Utah.

MacCauley, Linda Elizabeth, 54 Albuquerque, N.M., and Swan, Beverly Lenea, 65, Albuquerque, N.M.

Pruitt, Brittany Christina, 21, Vancouver, and Olsen, Steven Alan, 24, Yacolt.

Roberts, Carrie Lynn, 45, Battle Ground, and Bisconer III, Fredrick Wayne, 66, Battle Ground.Huggins, Candice Marie, 30, Vancouver, and Schafer, Shad Jeremiah, 36, Vancouver.

Shatto, Gregory Scott, 48, Milwaukie, Ore., and Haffermann, Steven Ashley, 42, Milwaukie, Ore.

Dunsire, Cassandra Ann Eileen, 29, Portland, and Ferchland, Nicole Ann, 33, Portland.

Murphy, Shonda Jean, 32, Portland, and Murphy, Jennifer Ann, 48, Portland.

Johnson, Crystal Marie, 33, Vancouver, and Sameh, Brandon Douglas, 24, Vancouver.

Cusack, Lawrence John, 67, Portland, and Downard Jr., Arthur Lawrence, 61, Portland.

Lavenue, Myra Elisabeth, 48, Portland, and Lavenue, Elizabeth Dake, 44, Portland.

Posey, Bonnie Louise, 66, Vancouver, and Haiducek, Timothy Jay, 58, Vancouver.

Marriage dissolutions


Brace, Teresa Lee and Michael Patrick.

Brown, Cassandra Jane and Thomas Taylor. Woman's name changed to Denney.

Frydendall, Bobbeeanne and Ronald Arthur. Woman's name changed to Hanson.

Halfhill, Robert L. and Michelle Dawn.

Howell, Tonya Lynn and John Paul.

Kamara, Ebie Hanna and Compos, Jose Antonio Fernandez.

Kohut, Christina Jacqueline and Tolva, Trevor Allen.

Martinez, Luisa Jaquelina and Jose Martin.

Murphy, Jessica Lee Mae and Tyrone Neil. Woman's name changed to Bettger.

Staiano, Tawny Rae and Michael Lawrence.

Vaughn, Terra L. and Eric J. Woman's name changed to Munger.

Velasquez, Beatriz and Brannan, Jeffery.

Wallace, Sabrina Kay and Todd Anthony.


Murakami, Leah and Gray, Shawn Michael.


Cohrs, Bonnie R. and Cohrs Jr., James A.

Du Plessis, Whitney Rain and Steven.

Gallagher, Carrie Ann and Timothy R.

Olson, Ian Scott and Pham, Mai-Khoi Thuy.

Sinclair II, Cecil E. and Walling, Mary Francis.

Summers, Sarah Ann and Summers II, Michael S.

Tyler, Thomas J. and Waters, Carol W.

Vera, Meagen and Vera III, Juan Macedonio.

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