Letter: Identify and punish aggressor




The furor over the use of chemical weapons in Syria is nonsense. What is most important is not the type of weapons used, but whether they are used against a guilty party that fights for no valid reason.

The conflict in Syria is not a popular uprising. In my opinion, these rebels fight for no valid reason. The same type of rebels carry out mass bombings in Iraq, where there is a completely different government.

During World War II, the United States used nuclear weapons against Japan. Since Japan was launching absolute criminal invasions, the U.S. was justified in using such weapons. As I said, what matters is not the type of weapon, but whether they are used against a guilty party. Pro-abortion, pro-gay liberals cannot adequately distinguish between right and wrong. They often support the guilty party.

The conflict in Syria is primarily a criminal invasion, being backed by Western and Arab nations. Some of the same nations supported Saddam Hussein during the absolute criminal Iraqi invasion of Iran, which exterminated innocent people in broad daylight. The war resulted in an estimated 1 million deaths in Iran.

Rather than attacking Syria, a stand should be taken against the rebels, and officials in Western and Arab nations should be prosecuted, especially those in France and Saudi Arabia.

Stephen Franklin White