Letter: Rebuild a safer crossing



I am all for light rail, but not on the Interstate 5 Bridge. I love Pat Campbell’s idea in his April 20 letter, “Express ideas to get out of this jam,” of tunneling beneath the Columbia for light rail. Well, if they can make a tunnel beneath the English Channel, or beneath the San Francisco Bay, then why not the Columbia River?

Some folks still don’t understand that the I-5 Bridge needs to be replaced. I lived through a San Francisco Bay Area earthquake with a magnitude of 6.9. Sections of our local freeway collapsed as well as a part of the Bay Bridge. Lives were lost. The next big quake here is supposed to be of a much larger magnitude. I would suggest a brief trip to the Bay Area for those disbelievers. When you look at the substructure beneath the I-5 Bridge, and then compare it with the substructure of Bay Area freeways, there is no comparison. Every time I cross the I-5 Bridge, I say a little prayer, “No earthquake now God, not now.”

Julia Rosenstein