Columbia Sportswear CEO takes $1,000 in salary



PORTLAND — The annual base salary for Columbia Sportswear chief executive Tim Boyle was $1,000 in 2013, reflecting his desire for a reduced pay during lean times, according to a regulatory document made public Wednesday.

Boyle’s salary last year and in 2012 was reduced as the Washington County outdoor footwear and apparel company endured two consecutive warmer-than-usual winters, company spokesman Ron Parham said. In 2012, Boyle reduced his base salary to $432,500 — about half of what he collected in 2011.

When combined with his board-approved performance bonus, Boyle’s 2013 compensation was nearly $1.7 million.

Also, the 2013 base salary of company chairman Gert Boyle — $424,000 — was half of the 2011 level. It also was reduced to adjust for weather-related reasons. She also was paid a performance bonus of about $714,000.