FBI arrests PSU student in B.G. for armor in locker

Federal law bars felon from possession of armor

By Patty Hastings, Columbian Social Services, Demographics, Faith



The FBI arrested a Portland State University student Friday morning in his hometown of Battle Ground after school officials found body armor in his locker.

When Christopher Rantila, 39, didn’t pay for the locker he rented for the semester, staff members opened it Wednesday evening to clear it out and found the body armor, according to university spokesman Scott Gallagher.

School safety officers said they had had “issues with the student” and contacted Portland police, Gallagher said. The case was turned over to the FBI in Seattle.

Thursday morning, Portland State University notified Rantila that he was wanted for questioning. He was arrested Friday morning on federal allegations of being a felon in possession of body armor, and was scheduled to appear Friday afternoon in Tacoma district court.