Letter: Corporate decision uncharitable



Regarding the Feb. 20 story “Steakburger site to be redeveloped,” progress is inevitable, and usually good. But I am still sad to see the charitable organization Salvation Army being forced out of their digs in Hazel Dell due to the redevelopment. It was a real resource for the community.

And congratulations to the developers for being lucky enough to have their traffic impact fees and other fees waived to develop a double-lane drive-through fast food eatery, a double-lane drive-through coffee stand and a Kroger-owned Fred Meyer gas station. When we see all three businesses’ post-tax corporate profits exit our state (Illinois, Ohio and Oregon, respectively) while local small businesses struggle and ultimately give up opening locally on Main Street because they are discouraged by traffic impact fees and other regulatory fees that they can’t get waived … well, that’s progress. And charities that help the local community and mom-and-pop Clark County shops need to move out of the way and absorb the waived costs and quit their whining. Our local officials are looking out for us (sarcasm intended).

Michael McClafferty