Letter: Reason tells us plan not viable



In the Jan. 8 story “Report: Tolls can make CRC viable,” the study was the creation of an investment-grade analysis, which stated that by starting to charge bridge tolls on the Interstate 5 Bridge beginning as early as September 2015 and continuing to at least 2060, a considerable amount of money would accumulate to initiate a push to build a new replacement bridge.

This report was prepared by a project consultant firm in Oregon by the name of CDM Smith. I have no idea from which planet this group hails. Can you imagine the traffic congestion this implementation would create? Presently a simple fender-bender on the bridge will cause a traffic backup for miles. Not to mention the shift of traffic flow to the Interstate 205 bridge. Can you imagine the accumulation of traffic once Oregon decides to charge auto tolls to people trying to cross the I-5 Bridge? Some people just do not have enough common sense or they live in a fantasy world.

On another note, Oregon intends to build the bridge leading into the state of Washington and, in addition, extend their precious light rail into our city, whether we like it or not. I consider these visions of grandeur. I hope Washingtonians will voice their opinion.

K. Juergen von Husen