Weather Eye: Enjoy the reality, memories of rainy days, as this too shall pass




I guess I was in one of those somber moods Saturday afternoon while preparing to write my column. Sitting at my desk I looked out the window at the gloomy gray skies and rain. My mind full of plot lines of my current novel in progress, tasks to do and other trite things.

My mind came back to the present, thanks to all kinds of living things on the other side of my slightly opened, rain-spattered window. Then, thoughts of childhood and a young tow-haired boy with a bright yellow raincoat and rubber boots wading in every puddle that came his way danced in front of me. I chuckled with memories of rainy days. The world was alive and well, in my mind and out the window.

Remember: After the gray skies and rain, clearing skies will follow. The sun will shine. Reflect and enjoy the moment.

Before we end let’s review February rainfall, as promised, from friends and neighbors: I had 6.95 inches here in Salmon Creek; Claudia Chiasson, Carson, 14.34 inches; Tyler Mode, Battle Ground, 5.80 inches; Judy Darke, Felida, 5.51 inches; Bob Starr, Cougar, 16.98 inches; Robin Ruzek, Lakeshore, 5.69 inches; Pete Conrad near Tukes Mountain, 5.98 inches; Dave Campbell, 1 mile west of Heisson, 6.38 inches; Phil Delany, above Dole Valley, 13.20 inches; Tyler Mode from his Minnehaha station, 5.50 inches; Merle Moore, Yacolt, 9.72 inches; Murphy Dennis, Rawson Road near Clark Rifles, 9.72 inches; Larry Lebsack, Barberton, 6.19 inches; Chuck Houghten, Hockinson Heights, 9.09 inches; Ellen Smart, Ridgefield, 5.80 inches; Irv St. Germain, Prune Hill, 5.48 inches; Matt Sloan, Heights/South Cliff neighborhood, 6.27 inches; Merle Moore, Yacolt, 10.08 inches; and Jim Knoll, Five Corners, 6.02 inches.